The Fastest, easiest and risk-free way to earn 500000-20m+ TRX

(Receive At Every Circle)
Impossible to Lose Money
500 TRX
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How Everything Works?


Absolutely no risk

It’s an Open source smart contract uploaded on TRON Blockchain Protocol, and this is totally decentralized.

Available to everyone

With a Single Contract Entry Cost – 500 TRX

Stable Long Term

This Smart Contract will continue until blockchain no longer exists, and even the creators of a smart contract will not be able to delete or change its terms.

Instant payouts, No Admin Approvals

Money is not stored in the system, all transactions are 100% from wallets to participant's wallets. Wallets are anonymous.

Kept simple and fast

Binary matrix 5 lines - 62 partners in the team are enough to go through cycles and earn over 500000 TRX.

LIVE Tech Support

Active members & uplines will help you take steps to start earning regularly. x3mTRON gives you live support.

The Uniqueness of x3mTRON

These Features, make x3mTRON the best available of it's kind.

  • AUTOMATED BINARY FILLING SYSTEM: Uniformely spreads contracts amongst members automatically.
  • AUTOMATED LEVEL UPGRADE: System upgrades members automatically.
  • UNLIMITED CONTRACT PERIOD : No contract expiration
  • 10% REFERRAL COMMISSION : Earn 10% on ref.contracts/levels upgrades

The system cannot be hacked

It is not possible to change the algorithm or delete the members' rooms. The system is able to work without a site. The site is needed only for convenient display of statistics.

Passive Income

With our unique auto-fill system, you can repeat circle earnings within a short period, by simply pressing the “repeat” button. Earn from 500000-2m+ TRX at every circle.

Advanced Technology

This is a transparent trade, for individuals and entrepreneurs to earn honest income without deceit through the aid of smart contract.

Total Transactions


24 Hours Registration


Total Participants


Members Earned TRX


A Genius Marketing Plan – Simple and Precise

No more hassles of network marketing: long sponsorship legs and mandatory qualifications.
Everything is much simpler, clearer, more profitable with x3mTRON

How To Register in the Project

To Purchase Level 1

Generic placeholder image

TOTAL 500 TRX > $ 10.0 USD

Buying Levels

Cycle 1

1 Lvl

500 TRX

2 Lvl

880 TRX

3 Lvl

1800 TRX

4 Lvl

7100 TRX

5 Lvl

17700 TRX


1 Line

2 Line

3 Line

4 Line

5 Line

Sell Levels

1 Line

1 Lvl

2*500 = 1000 TRX


2 partners of 1 line
Buy level 1 from you

2 Line

2 Lvl

4*880 = 3520 TRX


4 partners of 2 line
Buy level 2 from you

3 Line

3 Lvl

8*1800 = 14400 TRX


8 partners of 3 line
Buy level 3 from you

4 Line

4 Lvl

16*7100 = 113600 TRX


16 partners of 4 line
Buy level 4 from you

5 Line

5 Lvl

32*17700 = 566400 TRX


32 partners of 5 line
Buy level 5 from you


Level Price/TRX Partners Total/TRX Profits
1 500 2 1000 20
2 880 4 3200 1368
3 1800 8 14400 5860
4 7100 16 113600 84540
5 17700 32 509260


Packages Silver Pack Gold Pack Platinum Pack
No. of Contract Account 62 124 248
Cost of Contract (TRX) 31000 TRX 62000 TRX 124000 TRX
Level 1 ROI 1240 TRX 2480 TRX 4960 TRX
Level 2 ROI 84816 TRX 169632 TRX 339264 TRX
Level 3 ROI 363320 TRX 726640TRX 1453280 TRX
Level 4 ROI 5241480 TRX 10482960 TRX 20965920 TRX
Level 5 ROI 31574120 TRX 63148240 TRX 126296480 TRX
Total ROI 37264976 TRX 74529952 TRX 149059904 TRX


Packages Single Trident Business
Cost of Contract (TRX) 500 TRX 1500 TRX 5000 TRX
Level 1 ROI 20 TRX 60 TRX 200 TRX
Level 2 ROI 1368 TRX 4104 TRX 13680 TRX
Level 3 ROI 5860 TRX 17580 TRX 58600 TRX
Level 4 ROI 84540 TRX 253620TRX 845400TRX
Level 5 ROI 509260 TRX 1527780 TRX 5092600 TRX
Total ROI 601048 TRX 1803144 TRX 6010480 TRX
X3MTRON is a smart contract or application running on the TRON network. The application code is programmed to distribute incoming contracts amongst participants according to a specific algorithm. Thus x3mTRON has provided an interface for the convenience of working with a smart contract for its members.
As a smart contract, X3mTRON does not have an administrator. There is a creator who uploaded the contract code to the TRON network. Since then, the smart contract has been part of the overall network, which is supported by miners. No one has the right to affect the operation of a smart contract, delete it or stop it. Any attempt to make unauthorized changes will be rejected due to inconsistency with previous copies in the block chain.
Since the smart contract is published on the TRON Network, then, accordingly, participation in the project is possible only with this digital currency called “TRON”
What you need is just a computer or smartphone with TRON wallet on TronlinkPro wallet or TronMask wallet. We also recommend installing Telegram instant messenger for the convenience of communication with other participants and obtaining important and interesting information from our official chat.
Level is a status that gives the right to receive remuneration from a partner in its structure of the relevant lines.

The 1 level gives you the right to sell this 1 level to two personally invited partners.
The 2 level gives you the right to sell this 2 level to your four second-line partners.
The 3 level gives you the right to sell this 3 level to your Eight Third-line partners.
The 4 level gives you the right to sell this 4 level to your Sixteen Fourth-line partners.
The 5 level gives you the right to sell this 5 level 32 times to your partners in the Fifth- line.
There are many suitable wallets. The most important thing is not to use exchange wallets!
We recommend using 2 type of wallets, these are:
Tronlink - if you are working from a personal computer. (Download from the official website:
Tronwallet- If you are using a smartphone. (Download for iPhone or Android)
In addition to personal invitations, partners can appear in your structure in two ways: these are “Overflows” and “Free Partners”. Therefore, it can be argued that the system has the possibility of passive earnings. But this does not guarantee you a quick decent income, which other successful participants who are active can boast of.
Free referrals are members of the system who have come for some reason WITHOUT a referral link.
Free referrals are distributed evenly throughout the system, and starting with those uplines, who earlier registered in the system.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Free referrals are distributed through the system NOT by a smart contract, but by the system of the site.
This is the ONLY thing that a smart contract does not make and that is why:
If free referrals were distributing by a smart contract, then with the growth of the System there would be huge calculations that would consume a huge amount of gas, which would not be beneficial for users. Everything else, including the “overflow”, distributes by smart contract.
You can, but they will become free referrals and get to other members of the system, not you. Since the system does’t “know” you before you bought the 1st level.
Your Earnings will stop but your account remains in the System forever, and at any time you can extend the levels and again receive income.
Overflow is the method of obtaining referrals from your uplines of all lines, at which, when filling all free slots with 2 referrals, the next goes to their referral by “overflow”, that means to you.
Example: Your 1st line upline (your inviter to the system) invited two referrals, and continued to invite further, or did not immediately stop advertising. The third referral “overflow” to you, means attached to you. If you have already filled all two slots with referrals, then they also “overflow ” go even lower and attach to your referrals, becoming your second line referrals.
Although the basis of the system is to build a structure from referrals, and referrals are the source of your profit, an interesting fact is that we are changing the narrative from referrals to proof of earnings. In addition to the invitation, you can get referrals in two more ways: “Overflows” and “Free referrals”. For each of these methods, read below in the following paragraphs.
Levels are bought only sequentially and in order. If you try to buy the 4th level without having the 3rd, then the smart contract will not accept the transfer. In this case, the money will not go anywhere and will remain with You
The money will be redirected to your upline of the same line as your partner.If you buy levels on time, this will not happen. If this happened, it’s not scary. If you find this in time, then after activating the level, continue to receive the remaining transfers for this level.
You can ask questions directly to participants who have already gained experience and are ready to share their experience and success. It can be done as in Telegram chat and on site FAQ's Also, a lot of useful and high-quality information can be found in the Official Telegram chat